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Welcome to our home for caregiver stories. We believe that sharing stories about caregiving can provide inspiration, build community, and generate connection. Read the personal stories from others, and share yours here too!

My caregiving story by Cary S.

My mother-in-law lived alone in Iowa until we started to notice she was losing weight, turning off her heater, and just not acting like herself.  We had to do something, so we moved her to Portland, OR to be closer to us.  She was in bad shape mentally and had to […]

My caregiving story by Carol W.

About eight years ago, I moved back home to my parents’ house. The move wasn’t originally because of caregiving needs, but soon after I moved in my father had a stroke and my mother was diagnosed with COPD/emphysema. After the stroke, my father started having mood swings and could […]

My caregiving story by Debbie M.

At age 89 my mother is fortunate to still live in her own home. She remains mostly in her bed in her room. Her day is spent watching television and enjoying the birds and other wildlife she can see through her patio door. She is content. My sister lives […]