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    Caregiver Needs Pyramid: Simplify, Connect and Make Time for Yourself

Caregiver Needs Pyramid: Simplify, Connect and Make Time for Yourself

In our last post, we introduced you to the Caregiver Needs Pyramid, and its foundational element – helping you make better decisions. As a caregiver, you’re overloaded with difficult decisions that you need to make daily, even hourly! We provided you with four simple steps to help you get […]

Making Informed Decisions Using the Caregiver Needs Pyramid

Caregiving, while rewarding, puts pressure on the 66 million (and growing) family caregivers who are providing care and trying to juggle everyday demands: workload, personal time, caregiving duties…the list goes on. These responsibilities leave caregivers overwhelmed, and more often than not are accompanied by a multitude of decisions left […]

The Village Movement: Age At Home But Still Socialize

Most people rather grow old in their homes than say, a retirement community or a nursing home. But while there’s more independence, being on your own can be lonely and overwhelming. You could live in a big, beautiful house, but if you’re isolated and all by yourself—few people to […]